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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear family and friends,

This evening I arrived in Taganga, situated on the coast! I arrived into the Santa Marta airport beachside. Driving into town through Santa Marta and through the mountains to reach this little fishing village was honestly a beautiful, breath-taking experience. The environment consists of a lot of dirt roads, children playing everywhere, skinny horses next to abandoned train tracks, locals lounging on their porches and on the streets, and just a very sleepy but captivating town. This hostel that I am staying in is the best hostel I've been to so far in all my journeys. Situated on top of a hill, it's got plenty of hammocks, tables, garden areas, and all the amenities you can think of, and more. I even got a free first drink from their bar area!

I've been sweating nonstop since I disembarked from the plane in Santa Marta. Seriously, it's 7 pm, it's completely dark out, and I am still sweating like a pig. But there is a cool ocean breeze running through town, which is saving me by a thread. Note: a very thin thread.

Oh, on to the news!! Tonight someone from Magic Tours, one of the groups who lead treks to the Lost City, came to the hostel and I've signed up for a 6-day trek beginning tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.!! Since then I've been running all around town trying to get some last minute supplies, like large plastic bags, flashlight, etc. I can't believe I'm doing this--6 days in the jungle and muddy rivers!! I expect to be eaten alive by mosquitos, but I've done all that I can to prepare (22% deet!) This will truly be a challenge on me not only physically, but mentally as well.

My last days in Bogota were great, and it was sad to say goodbye to my foster family aka landlords this morning. They are incredibly nice people, and I am really beginning to view Colombians as generous, lively, and very content people based on the numerous people I've met and new friends I've made.

No time for many photos, but you can expect an explosion when I get back from my trek in a week, unless I've been bested by the jungle and Sierra Nevada mountains, or taken hostage by the Kogi natives or the coca guerrillas. Just jestiing. Note to my family and those who care about my well-being: this is pretty safe, so don't worry.

Posted by Mamie at 4:19 PM


jimbosblog said...


Hang in there girl....your about to have a wonderful experience-the Lost City!

I'm looking forward to your "Bug".


James Bone

March 14, 2010 7:55 AM